Aims & Objectives

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The following are the aims and objectives of the School.

  • To establish a musical educational institute and teaching centre of excellence to impart and popularise liturgical music in the best traditions of the Orthodox Church.
  • To produce a comprehensive range of musical education including liturgical , sacramental, classical and light music, and also devotional and instrumental music.
  • To hold seminars, training camps and workshops in various fields of music to interested and talented students.
  • To develop expertise and leadership qualities of Choir leaders and members so as to better equip them to organize choirs in their respective parishes and thereby to bring about a uniformity and standard in the hymnody of the Orthodox Church.
  • To facilitate the research and scientific study of Indian and Western music and their respective historical development, contributions and influences.
  • To revive and popularise ancient liturgical music and its tunes.
  • To guide talented musicians to compose tunes, songs and hymns in the worship of the Orthodox Church.
  • To produce quality CD's and DVD's in liturgical, sacramental and devotional music.