Certificate Course in Sound Reinforcement

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 Nature of the SPW course: 

The Certificate Course in SOUND REINFORCEMENT FOR PLACES OF WORSHIP  (SPW) is offered by the Sruti School of Liturgical Music, Kottayam.
The Programme is designed to inculcate in students valuable insights into the basics, principles and concepts used in sound reinforcement. SPW is a five months certificate course designed to equip students to efficiently and effectively operate sound systems in places of worship. 


• To define sound in 3 perspectives.

• To learn in-depth the 7 wave form characteristics.

• To have a basic idea of electrical concepts from the audio perspective.

• To understand the concepts of decibels.

• To have an in-depth understanding of the digital domain.

• To understand the classification of microphones based on design and pick up pattern.

• To understand the types of loudspeakers and their working principle.

  • To have a basic understanding of a mixing console used in the sound reinforcement scenario.

Medium of Study and Examination:
The medium of study and examination shall be English

Examination and Evaluation :
Examination and evaluation are conducted as per rules and regulations laid down by the Sruti School.

Exams will be conducted during June and December each year. Each paper, unless otherwise stated is of three hours and shall cover the entire syllabus. All papers shall be graded out of 100 marks. (60 marks for theory/practical exam, 10 each for assignment, class attendance, class tests and continuous evaluation). Students not having required attendance or not having completed the course work shall not be allowed to sit for the Examination.

Course Fees

  1. Application Fees - Rs. 250
  2. Tuition fees - Rs. 15000 
  3. Exam fees - Rs. 750

Details of fee payment:

  • Application fees should be paid along with the submission of application. Tuition fees can be paid in 4 equal instalments during the first 4 months of the course. If the student pay the full fees at the time of admission, he will get a discount of Rs.1000/. 
  • This does not include food and accommodation. 


Partial support in tuition fees for eligible candidates can be considered.